Negotiating Lessons from Brexit

When the Outcome is not what was wanted or expected, Negotiators have only themselves to Blame. When you are on the receiving end of a bad, unreasonable proposal or a deal that does not address what you want, it is your fault. And what’s more, there is no point complaining about it or blaming theContinue reading “Negotiating Lessons from Brexit”

EU Referendum – We are prisoners of an ill thought out dilemma.

Articles are mounting up in the world’s press highlighting the dilemmas facing the British voters, the political parties and the EU member states. Conflicts and Contradictions: If the state of the NHS will be threatened by Brexit – why put it in jeopardy by having the Referendum? The Referendum was tactical in dealing with UKIPContinue reading “EU Referendum – We are prisoners of an ill thought out dilemma.”

The Post Referendum Negotiations have Started Already. Where is the Leadership?

Whether the peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland decide to remain or leave the E.U. there will be negotiations inside and outside the Kingdom involving organisations great and small.  But to negotiate with strength, control and authority there will need to be a much clearer set of objectives than haveContinue reading “The Post Referendum Negotiations have Started Already. Where is the Leadership?”

Saying you are negotiating may not be negotiating!

Setting the prime objective of a negotiation as just “closing a deal (any deal)” is not negotiating. However many may say that they are negotiating to get the best deal. It is not. It is giving in to the other side before you start. It puts all the control in the hands of the otherContinue reading “Saying you are negotiating may not be negotiating!”

Negotiating for Europe #5 – Discipline at the Close

Beware Last Minute Nibbles. During the end game, there were some public declarations that a deal was close and that there were just a few minor details to sort out. I suspect that these declarations of being nearly there were made more out of habit and in hope than in all seriousness. It is common forContinue reading “Negotiating for Europe #5 – Discipline at the Close”

The Negotiating Gifts from Greece – 3# – Be Sharp but Beware Clever Clever

Experienced Negotiators Know how to use a Weak Position to Advantage If you are in a Lose / Win situation your options provide plenty of scope to be proactive by making proposals or pursue varied strategies. After all, you have nothing to lose. Proposals can be realistic or unrealistic depending on whether you wish toContinue reading “The Negotiating Gifts from Greece – 3# – Be Sharp but Beware Clever Clever”

The Negotiating Gifts from Greece – #2 – Kicking The Can Down The Road – Deadlocking

  Argue and keep arguing – whilst arguing you are not making concessions or even proposals. In fact you are not negotiating (attempting to secure an agreement). You keep the position in stasis by playing the argument game. Negotiations appear to be ongoing, but the reality is deadlock. This is used for many reasons –Continue reading “The Negotiating Gifts from Greece – #2 – Kicking The Can Down The Road – Deadlocking”

Trust in Negotiations – Beware

Trust should not be confused with Making Assumptions. In reading quite a few articles and blogs on the meat supply crisis over the past days, it is clear that many who should know better have been making a lot of assumptions about the performance of contracts and subcontracts. They appear to be trusting their systemsContinue reading “Trust in Negotiations – Beware”

Negotiating and Risk

Poor Negotiating creates Dangerous Risk – You Pay in the End! A key objective (and responsibility) of a good negotiator is to reduce and manage risk.  The professional negotiator see these as fundamental responsibilities.  To protect the security and safety of the organisation.  To make sure that in doing a deal with other parties, thoseContinue reading “Negotiating and Risk”