Prepare your Negotiators for the Challenge of 2018 & Brexit

As we go into the dark days of the winter and we batten down the hatches to weather the storm of Brexit and take stock about who and what really matters; this is a good time to look around, contemplate strengths and weaknesses, to prepare for the challenge ahead and to evaluate one’s resources. This is the time when you will find out whether you really have leaders within your ranks – really have talent. Anyone (almost) can play a strong hand if you are holding all the Aces, but it needs a lot of skill, experience and practice to play a weak one.

So, who around you has what it takes? Have you looked after them during the good times so that they will stay with you and be ready to cope with the tough ones ahead? Who are the ones with real talent who need to be better equipped to succeed and prepared to take on more responsibility? Who is ready to take on your challenges?

Now is the time to “cut the crap” and focus on development that really makes a difference and will give a real return; training and coaching that will draw out the talent, build the confidence, excite, energise and motivate.

Profit from adversity – be courageous – use the time – build the team.

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