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Prepare your Negotiators for the Challenge of 2018 & Brexit

As we go into the dark days of the winter and we batten down the hatches to weather the storm of Brexit and take stock about who and what really matters; this is a good time to look around, contemplate … Continue reading

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The Negotiating Gifts from Greece – #2 – Kicking The Can Down The Road – Deadlocking

  Argue and keep arguing – whilst arguing you are not making concessions or even proposals. In fact you are not negotiating (attempting to secure an agreement). You keep the position in stasis by playing the argument game. Negotiations appear … Continue reading

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Welcome to Advanced Negotiating

Hello and welcome again to  all of you who are interested in professional negotiating. The intention of this site is to offer a place to exchange views and ideas amongst our growing community of negotiators. It is also a good … Continue reading

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